Last Updated: 29th March 2018

Our Visa Application Checking Service is for people looking to prepare their own Visa Applications.

Applying for a visa is a detailed and often complex process but some visas are easier than others. For those willing and confident in applying by themselves, we offer a comprehensive and thorough Visa Application Checking Service. Our service will give you the peace of mind that your application is:

  • Valid
  • Complete
  • Satisfies the specific requirements for your visa

before you submit your final application.

Visa Application Checking Service

Let our Visa Application Checking Service give you the peace of mind that you’ve not wasted your time and money on your application.

Avoid Expensive Mistakes

We sometimes see clients whom have failed in a previous application due to a simple oversight (e.g. providing invalid bank statements or providing proof that has expired by one day). This allows the Home Office to reject your application on a technicality, requiring you to re-submit as well as needing to pay the application fee again. This is often unfair but unfortunately this is the way the system works.

Peace of Mind

For a small charge, we will check your application over with you and confirm that everything is in order. If it’s not, we will let you know what you need to change.

Some of the corrections we have recommended include:

  • Applying for wrong visa (we can let you know which visa you should be applying for)
  • Incorrectly filled out form
  • Invalid visa application form
  • Wrong information provided on form
  • Expired documentary proof
  • Specified documents not provided
  • Insufficient or too much information provided
  • Missing proof
  • Requirements not satisfied

If you’re unsure whether your application is correct or complete, please Contact Us or Book an Appointment for our Visa Application Checking Service. It could save you a lot of time, stress and money.

N.B Unfortunately, we don’t offer a free initial consultation for our Visa Application Checking Service

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