Last Updated: 29th March 2018

What is a Family Visitor Visa?

Effective April 6, 2015 – The Family Visitor Visa has been replaced by the Standard Visitor Visa.

The UK Family Visitor Visa is a UK entry route that allows holders to visit a family member who is in the UK.


Who is suitable for a Family Visitor Visa?

  • A spouse or civil partner.
  • A child.
  • Parents or siblings.
  • Grandparents or grandchildren.
  • A spouse’s or civil partner’s child.
  • Your child’s spouse or civil partner.
  • Step parents, step children or step siblings.
  • A person that you have been living with in a long-term relationship, as if you were married or in a
  • civil partnership. The relationship must have existed for two years before the day you apply.

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What are the requirements for a Family Visitor Visa?

  • You must be 18 years old+
  • You must be coming to the UK for less than six months
  • You will leave the UK once your visit has ended (documents showing an outward journey will be required)
  • You must be able to financially support your trip to the UK without working or accessing public funds
  • You must not enter the UK on the way to another country, except Ireland, the Isle of Man or the Channel Islands
  • You must be able to fund your outward or onward journey

Common questions asked about the Family Visitor Visa

How long can I stay in the UK?

The Family Visitor Visa is granted on a six month basis. However, if you can prove that you need to make repeated visits to the UK, you could be eligible for a long-term visit visa. Your maximum stay would still be 6 months per visit, but your visa can be made valid for 1, 2, 5 or 10 years.

Can I bring my children?

Yes. Persons aged 18+ can apply for a UK Family Visitor Visa for a child.

Can I work while I’m in the UK?

No, working while on this visa is not allowed. However, you can study for a maximum period of 30 days.

Can I extend the Family Visitor Visa?

Yes! You could qualify to extend your visa, provided that the total amount of time you’re spending in the UK does not exceed six months. For example, if you’re original visa was for three months, you can extend it by three months.

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