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16th July 2019
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Client Reviews

Reviews that our clients have shared about their experience of working with One Immigration Solutions

After each case, we ask our clients to leave us a review – these are some of the ones which we were granted permission to share.

L Chen

Tier 1 Graduate Entrepreneur to Tier 1 Entrepreneur (June 2019)

Many thanks to Jacqueline for helping me! My entrepreneur visa application was incomplete and there were a lot of problems. It was Jacqueline and her team who help me to complete and submit it. And I was in a hurry, they prepared all the documents for me and submitted it to the Home Office in time. Finally, I received an entrepreneur visa after 4 weeks. After knowing Jacqueline, she has been helping me a lot in starting a business and encouraging me. She just like my mentor and friend!

H Zheng, Z Zhang

Tier 1 Graduate Entrepreneur to Tier 1 Entrepreneur (April 2019)

I am 100% recommended for the immigration services of this firm!!! I have used their service twice and these experience are perfect!!! Not only they can provide excellent business advice, but they are also very professional and familiar with the relevant processes and laws of immigration. I highly recommend them, I will use their services again if needed in the future.

Ms. Tsang

Spouse Visa (Mar 2019)

Professional, reliable, successful application for UK visa for the wife. The best service, reasonable price, worthy of recommendation!

Angelo C

EEA Registration Certificate (Mar 2019)

I got my registration certificate in one month. It was so quick and they provide very good service. I could not believe how quick I received the decision from Home Office. Jacqueline has been amazing in the whole application process. She prepared everything within a week, and even work out with working hour to help me to get my application sent out before Brexit. I want to get a document from Home Office before Brexit and another one after Brexit. I cannot thank her enough for helping me to get my first registration certificate. Wonderful immigration service.

Ms. Xu

Spouse Visa (Jan 2018)

I applied for entry clearance for spouse visa at another solicitors but had lost faith in them due to the difficulties I experienced so for my Extension, I found One Immigration Solutions and I was so glad that I did. Jacqueline was recommended by a friend who she has helped with their application.

Due to my first immigration application experience, my husband and I were pretty skeptical and a little nervous about everything but she was really helpful, patient and understanding. If she has not been so understanding, I would have been anxious and worried during my entire wait.

I thought the process would take a long time but my application was complete in 2 days and I had our outcome in less than 2 months! My application was approved and my husband and I were so pleased.

After our successful outcome, Jacqueline then outlined how to work towards my Settlement Application. We weren’t charged for this and we felt like she cared about our future. She never asked us to sign up with them or tried to sell us on coming back but rest assured, we will definitely be back to do our Indefinite Leave to Remain Application with them and I’ve already told my partner who is Malaysian national will be using her service for British Citizenship Application.

For the level of service we received, our fees were very reasonable (or maybe this was their Christmas present to us).

Thank you so much to One Immigration Solutions!

Chao Bai

Tier 1 Graduate Entrepreneur

Thank you for the helpful advice and my successful case. I’m not sure what I would have done if I hadn’t found you. I’m very happy with my outcome. My tier 1 graduate entrepreneur visa has been granted – thank you!

W Hui

Tier 1 Entrepreneur (May 2019)

Many many thanks to Jacqueline in our Tier 1 Entrepreneur Visa Application. Our whole family just get the UK Entry Clearance Visa.
She is good in listening and understanding our needs. It has a lot of tiedous problem arise in the process. But she can give a very professional advice and support. Therefore, we can meet the last patch of Tier 1 E application.
She is trustful in helping us every steps. With her guide, we feel stable and peace in the process. It is really what we need when we are in struggle and making decisions. At first, we also wonder that she is Glasgow, can she really help? It seems so far away to my living place. But later we find that her support and response are so immediate.
If you are searching immigration advisor to UK, you are lucky if you can get her help. We highly highly recommend One Immigration Solutions to you.

Ming L

Spouse Visa (Mar 2019)

Jacqueline is very professional. She helped me to apply Spouse Visa successfully. I do recommend her. She is patient and provided top quality service. I do thank her!

Gaosi H

Tier 1 Graduate Entrepreneur to Tier 1 Entrepreneur (Feb 2019)

Very good service. Patient to customers. Strongly recommended to anyone who wants to apply their visa in the UK.

Sr Xu

Tier 1 Graduate Entrepreneur

Jacque has been really professional and helpful throughout the application process. I am so grateful and happy with the outcome of my application. Words can’t describe how happy I was when she told me my application was successful. Best day of my life!

Haoran LI

Tier 1 Graduate Entrepreneur

Fantastic consultant and professional lawyer!
The consultant gave us support throughout the process of preparing the business idea, plan and panel review meeting. We got our Tier 1 Visa successfully with the help of them. They are very professional and always readily available. I would highly recommend this company to my friends!

Sujuan Chen

Tier 1 Entrepreneur Visa

‘I have known Jacqueline for 3 years. Their advice was to the point and up to date. It was very helpful and saved me a lot of headache. I have used them again since then and they were spot on again. My issues resolved now and I am a happy client. My immigration advisor, Jacqueline Ma, was sharp, intelligent and very efficient.

Han Duo

Tier 1 Graduate Entrepreneur

Jacqueline is very friendly and professional. She was very dedicated to the success of my case. She helps me with my Tier 1 visa application. I can’t thank her enough to complete my case in such a quick time. I would definitely recommend her to everyone.

Cathy Hu

Tier 1 Graduate Entrepreneur

Amazing services! Give m lots of useful suggestions and eventually good news comes.

Miss Z Zhang

Tier 1 Entrepreneur (May 2019)

Many thanks for One Immigration Solutions Ltd, who helped me for the entrepreneur visa application. Jacqueline gave a lot of suggestions for me to proceed my application. I am really appreciate to have her during the application of my T1 visa. She is very professional.

C Wu

Spouse Visa (April 2019)

Their service was amazing and super friendly!
Jacqueline tried to understand my requirements and situation. Then she gave me some useful opinions.
Before paying service I’ve had already know what will I face and prepare.
After paying service their organized and positive to deal with every single process.
All in all, it was great! Me and my husband are happy about it.

Janice C

Spouse Visa (Feb 2019)

Thanks to One Immigration Solutions for helping us apply for family visa. My husband has settled in the UK. Since the beginning of the consultation, the immigration consultant here has given us a lot of useful information to help us prepare the materials. This time I applied with 2 children. Passed in one go. I am going to start a new life in the UK soon. I will come back to for my extension.

Mr Llena

Spouse Visa

I want to thank you for all the work you did on my case. Your prompt action and skilful handling brought results. I have recommended you several times and will continue to do so.

Miss Helen X

Tier 1 Graduate Entrepreneur

Fantastic experience, thank you.

Melon Chen

Tier 1 Graduate Entrepreneur

I will highly recommend One Immigration to Solutions to my friends. They are patient and professional to help me get the Tier 1 graduate entrepreneur visa. They also help me to build up my confidence and go through the process with me. Wonderful service!

Ming Liu

Tier 1 Graduate Entrepreneur

I do highly recommonded this, all stuffs are professional and patient, top quality service, they always answer my question patientlythey provide professional trainning, which helps me to get the Tier 1 visa, I do thank them!


Spouse Visa

Finding unscrupulous advisers is easy, finding advisers who know what they are doing is even harder, and finding advisers who cares is like finding a needle in a haystack. One Immigration Solutions not only gives you professional and thorough service but actually cares about you and the success of your application. They walk you through the uncertain details to make you feel confident and positive about the outcome of your application.

Bob Omar

Tier 1 Graduate Entrepreneur

Their professional knowledge and professional team assist me to get T1 visa. I can start to do my business on the uk. Really high quality services!!! Very comprehensive assistance!!! Extremely friendly smiles solving problems always!!! I definitely will come back for more services if I have any problems about visas?